Are you about to create a nice flyer for a DJ dance night?

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Even in the era of social media, flyers are a must to make known events, like a DJ dance night. To help you create one that can arouse curiosity and attract attention, here is a list of several things to consider.

The pictures speak more

Using the right image is extremely important when it comes to designing a DJ Dance Night flyer. This will require a high-quality image. To choose it, think about the main theme of your event and look for an image that represents it. You can, for example, use an image of a dancer with an unusual posture.

Large and original typographies

Of course, images are worth thousands of words, but in the case of a flyer for a DJ Dance Night, well-chosen typography can have a great impact on the reader. Opt for typography that catches the eyes. Also, consider using unusual phrases that are provocative.

Are you about to create a nice flyer for a DJ dance night?

Contrasts and more contrasts

If you want your flyer to stand out, do not hesitate to use contrasts. Do not use only light colors or dark colors, think of mixing them. So, if you use a dark background, which is recommended for a flyer for a DJ Dance Night, use bright warm colors for your texts.

A bonus: special effects

Special effects are the best way to get attention on your flyer. You can add light effects, colored effects, textures or even shiny effects. On the other hand, the special effects make your flyer less flat. You can add them to the texts or to the images.

An easy to read flyer

Once their attention is captured, people will read your flyer. It is therefore essential that its content is easy to read. Remember to space the texts well, to use different sizes to highlight important information and especially to make short texts.